Director Petrina Baker is a business development specialist with experience spanning over 20 years. Throughout her career, Petrina has worked with a number of businesses and leading brands to achieve commercial success.  


Petrina combines her acute business nous with strong instincts for understanding brands and their place in the market. This, combined with a genuine respect for her clients and their products or services, informs Baker & Frost’s holistic approach to strategy and ascension planning.  


With a diverse background in mediums including television, publishing, retail, food and consumer products, Petrina is highly attuned to various markets and is adept at finding the most suitable environments for success.


A talent for unearthing hidden potential and developing the unique offering of any business enables Petrina to coax the best out of brands.


The Baker & Frost charter developed by Petrina and her team has been crafted with their years of invaluable experience to give businesses every chance at a prosperous future.




Our ambition at Baker & Frost is to see your business reach its ultimate potential. We love watching our clients reach their goals and we use our own comprehensive experience to help navigate towards them. The following are examples of how we are able to do this:


·      Business strategy and execution

·      Development and negotiation of commercial opportunities

·      Pre-investment and commercial planning

·      Product development, co-branding and licensing

·      Intellectual property management

·      Portfolio and risk profile strategy

·      Access to a valuable network across the media, investment and lifestyle sectors


With a strong commercial acumen and a consistent focus on the bottom line, Baker & Frost are forward-thinking: bridging the gap between futurescaping to make ambitions a reality.


We’re big-picture thinkers with a practical approach and a keen understanding of market trends. From concept to profit, Baker & Frost are on-hand to help your business advance.